Bondage on a Budget Everyone knows that BDSM toys can be expensive. While, there is great value in buying quality toys and equipment, with a little ingenuity, some found objects, and a few trips to your local dollar story or...
As traditionally practiced in Japan, shibari is primarily considered an erotic activity. This class emphasises that erotic nature of rope bondage, focusing on three different ties that can be used for sex. Attendees should be comfortable with explicit discussions of...
BDSM Mentors is back, offering classes in the Los Angeles area on topics related to BDSM and power exchange relationships. BDSM Mentors was formed in 2007 by Colin Sir and Lord Dan.   Offering full weekend “boot camps” and special topic...
Upcoming Events
July 15, 2023
3:00 pm
Cigar Social Join us for a afternoon and evening of discussion and education about Cigars and Cigar Play. The event will begin with a discussion of various ways that cigar play can be used to for scenes or even incorporated...
September 16, 2023
3:00 pm
Impact Play Impact play workshop
August 19, 2023
3:00 pm
This class will explore the dynamic of multiple tops in a scene, focusing on techniques, communication, and ideas for creating unique, memorable scenes.